Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas is LittleThings' home for the arts. Featured artists are given time and space to create while talking LittleThings' producers through the process behind their work.  more  less

Celebrating Beauty With Artist Kadeem Phillip

Celebrate the beauty of women as artist Kadeem Phillip paints a gorgeous acrylic painting. Watch along as Kadeem creates a work of art entitled “Flower Woman” right now on Blank Canvas!

Acrylic Painting With Artist Nicole Wilson

A gorgeous giraffe painting created by artist Nicole Wilson! Watch along as Nicole makes a brand-new and very colorful acrylic painting. Blank Canvas starts now!

Shinobi Art With Artist Angel Rosado

Beautifully stylized shinobi art by sketch artist Angel Rosado. Angel is creating stunning works of Japanese-inspired art right now on Blank Canvas!

Surreal Comics With Heather Eatman

Blues-inspired surreal comics by artist Heather Eatman. Join Heather as she paints with watercolor and ink, creating stunning works of art. It’s time for Blank Canvas!