Hands On

Hands On is a live-action demo of adorable DIYs that you can actually replicate at home. On-screen instructions guide viewers, while the DIYer also narrates and takes questions from the audience. Throughout each episode, the finished product will be featured on-screen so you always know what we're making - even if you're late to tune in!  more  less

How To Make Flower Crowns

Christy Doramus from CrownsbyChristy demonstrates how to make a fall wreath and special Halloween-themed flower crowns.

DIY Photo Frames

Cassie creates customizable picture frames using popsicle sticks and a few other simple supplies.

DIY Photo Coasters

Cassie makes decorative coasters using pictures she took with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9.

DIY Photo Holders

LittleThings' own Gina Ward demonstrates how to make an assortment of DIY photo holders.

How To Make A Bullet Journal

Create the perfect DIY bullet journal with help from illustrator Laura Caseley and Fujifilm Instax North America! Hands On starts now!

Easy-To-Make Handcrafted Jewelry

Beautiful, handcrafted jewelry created by artist Alicia G. Watch along as Alicia creates organically formed sculptural jewelry right now on Hands On!

DIY Paper Packaging Crafts

Marian D'Souza, from the Harlow Design Collective, demonstrates how to turn old magazines into fun paper packaging crafts.

How To Make DIY Yarn Bottles

Turn old glass bottles into colorful home accessories! Watch as Sarah Pribis uses yarn to transform used glass bottles into beautiful home decorations. Hands On starts now!

How To Make Watercolor Note Cards

DIY watercolor note cards and bookmarks! Watch as artist Jennifer Refat creates whimsical watercolor paper crafts using supplies from around the house. Hands On starts now!

DIY Pom-Pom Creations With Marisa Morrison

DIY pom-pom yarn creations! Watch along as Marisa Morrison crafts cute little pom-poms that look like pineapples, confetti, and even an evil eye. Hands On starts now!

DIY Rice Krispies Treats With Jessica Siskin

Jessica Siskin of Misterkrisp shows off some designs for DIY Rice Krispies treats! Mold ordinary cereal into an elephant, a dancing emoji, or a pretzel. Learn Jessica’s tasty technique right now on Hands On!

DIY Wedding Ring Boxes

Brides and grooms will love this! Create stunning, DIY wedding ring boxes with help from The Budget Savvy Bride, Jessica Bishop. Hands On starts now!

DIY Macramé Plant Hangers

Beautiful macramé plant hangers bring life into a dull space. Watch along as textile artist Cindy Bokser teaches us how to create macramé plant hangers right now, on Hands On!

DIY Flower Crown

Handcrafted flower crowns, fresh headbands, and perfect flower arrangements! Watch along as artist Christy Doramus uses colorful flowers to create beautiful floral designs.

DIY Coloring Book

Create your very own coloring book at home! Courtney is teaching us how to make a creative coloring book out of stamps.