Each week, we feature chefs and food experts who cook up their favorite dishes in our LittleThings kitchen — with a twist! While they compete in our weekly “Slice” challenge, we present amazing recipes ranging from simple family meals to decadent desserts and more. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!  more  less

Quick And Easy Party Foods

Limor Suss tries to cook up an entire party menu in 20 minutes! Will he succeed or will the clock get the best of him? Judging his efforts is special guest Gianmarco Soresi.

End Of Summer Grilling Tips

Chef Eliana Wittels Goldman shows off her expert grilling technique as she attempts to create two mouthwatering burgers in under 20 minutes.

2 Dinner Recipes In Under 20 Minutes

Chef Dana Arco attempts to make 2 dinner recipes in under 20 minutes: grilled shrimp tacos and chili. Can she pull it off? Judging her efforts is YouTube star Daym Drops.

Leftover Sausage Biscuit Challenge

Taranasha Wallace, from VH1's "Love & Hip Hop NY," is the next contender in the "Leftover Makeover Challenge"! Watch as she transforms leftover sausage biscuits into a brand-new dish in under 20 minutes.

Jerk Chicken With Opera Singer Alyson Cambridge

Model, actress, and chef Alyson Cambridge tries her hand at the 20-minute, $12 challenge with her flavorful jerk chicken recipe. Judging her skills in the kitchen is Food Network host Skyler Bouchard.