The animal kingdom comes to LittleThings on Wildlives, where each episode spotlights a new furry, scaly, and fine-feathered friend. Stop by to hear experts share educational tidbits... or just to watch adorable critters play around!  more  less

Rescue Dogs All The Way From Texas

These dogs, rescued from Hurricane Harvey, have finally arrived safely at Camp Canine. Learn more about their harrowing journey and the kind folks at Muddy Paws Rescue NYC and special guest and vet Dr. Lisa Lippman right now on Wildlives!

Meet Erie, The Corgi

A baby rhino goes for a slippery mud bath, a miraculous camel birth is caught on film, and then special guest Erie, a Welsh corgi, stops by! Plus, dog-training tips from Andrea Arden Dog Training. Wildlives is all-new now!

Bird-Watching In Brooklyn

Bird lovers are in for a treat! Go bird-watching with Mike Janela and bird expert Tom Stephenson and catch a glimpse of warblers, cardinals, swans, and more on an all-new episode of Wildlives!

Harvesting Honey From Bees

Buzz, buzz, buzz — we’re talking all things bees! Join Andrew Cote atop a beautiful NYC rooftop, as he begins the first honey harvest of the season for Andrew's Honey. Wildlives starts now!

Meet Cosette, The Chinchilla

Say "hello" to Cosette, the chinchilla! Join Kaitlyn Mulvaney as she teaches us about these super-cute little babies. Wildlives starts now!

Meet Hannah Shaw, The Kitten Lady

3 kitties are up for adoption! Meet Rozina, Vlad, and Fennel, 3 little babies ready to find a home. Wildlives is all-new with Hannah Shaw, the Kitten Lady!

Meet Benny The Tortoise

We're at a petting zoo with a fluffy chinchilla and a sweet tortoise! Learn about farm animals and conservation at the Art Farm right now, on Wildlives!

Celebrating Global Tiger Day With Dave Salmoni

In honor of Global Tiger Day, Animal Planet star and big cat expert Dave Salmoni stops by to teach us what we can do to save and conserve these beautiful wild cats. Wildlives starts now!

Meet Winston The Wallaby

A rare wallaby has invaded the studio! Meet Winston, a white Bennett’s wallaby, and watch along as expert Cat Long shows off this beautiful animal.

Meet Rosie The Parrot

Bird lovers will recognize this gorgeous sun conure's face! Say "hello" to Rosie the parrot!

Celebrating Take Your Dog To Work Day

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day, and we're taking full advantage! Meet Russell and Smokey, 2 of our favorite famous fur babies! Plus, special guest Jordan Kahana and his 2 very cute pooches!

Meet Izzy, The Baby Cheetah

Meet Izzy, the baby cheetah; Hope, the clouded leopard; and Halibut, the African penguin! Say hello to these magnificent creatures right now, on Wildlives!

Miller The Canine Companion

Puppy trainer Saxon Eastman stops by with Miller, a Lab-golden mix who shows off some tricks. Then, Saxon answers questions about canine companions.

Two-Toed Sloth

Oliver, a two-toed sloth, hangs around the Wildlives studio, accompanied by his handler, John Tarrant.

Butters The Mini Rex Rabbit

Host Mike meets Butters, a Mini Rex Rabbit, and Dr. Lisa Lippman answers viewer questions about rabbits.